About Us


Concrete is one of the specialized companies in the field of supplying construction chemicals which concerned with isolation and protection of facilities and buildings. The company executes specialized contracting to apply the different protection systems using the newest and the best type of chemical materials. For instant, the industrial epoxy flooring and using the carbon fibers in the restoration and consolidation of facility to provide an excellent and unique service for Concrete's customers, the company is keen to be a partner in the applied work, action technical previews and provide the best and the suitable solutions and technical suggestions to achieve the best satisfactory results for clients while providing technical reports so the company acquired several international and local agencies in different fields to provide several choices for sites' engineers and to achieve the best performance in the market competition. To keep up with that, concrete company has obtained commercial agencies from the largest specialized companies in construction chemicals such as Sika, Prokem, Tri-chem and Hors.


CONCRETE is committed to providing a high standard of services and products
The company is keen to satisfy its customers
• We encourage continuous learning and develop our employees to the fullest
•  We strive to achieve excellence in every work performed
• We seek to build and maintain strong professional and personal relationships with our customers and gain their trust and satisfaction
• We use the best professional skills and modern scientific methods in the provision of consulting services


CONCRETE aims to be one of the best specialized contracting companies offering solutions to its customers who are looking for quality and scientific efficiency inside and outside Egypt
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