Concrete and Mortar Additives


Concrete Co. supplies concrete and mortar additives to increase the operability, accelerate the time of doubt or prevent permeability , and connect the old or new concrete or mortar layers .

Treatment of Concrete Surfaces


Supplying transparent and colored materials for the treatment of concrete surfaces, and maintaining them after casting without cracking .

Flooring Materials


Supplying epoxy paints from metal surface protection and protecting against rust and corrosion in different colors .

Metallic and 3D Dimensional Epoxy Flooring


Recently, concrete has provided all the materials needed for the execution of the three-dimensional decorative and metallic flooring . these floors are of the latest types in the beauty of their landscape and their hardness.



Supplying epoxy paints from metal surface protection and protecting against rust and corrosion in different colors.

Materials of Cement and Epoxy


The company supplies and executes the processes of cement and epoxy abrasives , and also installs and implants as a variety of high-stress and non-shrinkable mortar .

Concrete Repair Materials


The company offers various types of epoxy , cement and acrylic putty , as well as reinforced mortar for use in the repair of concrete structures .

Drainage Paints and Road Planning


The company supplies and executes and acrylic epoxy-based paint and also paints for borders.

Materials for Filling Joints


The company has considerable experience in the field of injection of different expansion joints concrete structures and dealing with the resulting problems expansion joints very professionally.



Concrete provides cement and bitumen products for concrete surface insulation before flexible bituminous membranes are implemented. The company has implemented several swimming pools for roofs of residential towers, drinking water tanks and sewage.

Concrete, Ceramic and Tile Adhesives


The company provides ceramic and tile paste products of all kinds. The company also has the tschnical team to execute the materials.

Stamped Concrete


The company supplies executes the concrete materials printed in different colors and with different types of cylinder.

Decorative Cement Paints


The company supplies and executes paints for multi-color cement and concrete destinations for concrete surfaces.

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